A reviewer can only register for three conferences. A registered reviewer's name and affiliation is automatically added to the list of Programme /or Technical Committee members of the conference(s) registered to be a reviewer. Click to see the list of all Conferences.


One reviewer to many Journal is not a standard practice. You can only be a reviewer to a journal. A registered reviewer's name and affiliation will be added to the list of editorial board members after satisfying the requirements. Click to see the list of all Journals.

Why should I be a reviewer?

  • Establish your expertise in the field and expand your knowledge by applying your professional expertise to help others.
  • To assist in maintaining a good, rigorous peer-review process resulting in the publication of the best and brightest – you can have a part in championing the next key paper in your own field of interest.
  • To maintain awareness of the current research emerging within your subject area and help to see your own research through the lens of a reviewer.
  • To build relationships with the editorial team of a conference and improve your academic and professional profile.
  • Although often anonymous, the review process can act as a conversation between author, reviewer, and the conference steering committees as to how the paper can be improved to maximize its impact and further research in the field.
  • Stay up to date with the latest literature, and have advanced access to research results.
  • Develop critical thinking skills essential to research, improve your reputation and increase your exposure to key figures in the field.
  • Help to draw attention to any gaps in references and make the author aware of any additional literature that may provide useful comparison, or clarification of an approach.
  • To gain a sense of prestige in being consulted as an expert.
  • Advance your career – peer review is an essential role for researchers.
  • Good on CV.


Cross-Reviewing (CR) is a new innovation that allows reviewers to see each other’s reports once all reports have been submitted. It provides reviewers with a short window of time in which to discuss the reports. During this time, they are given the opportunity to provide additional information or make further recommendations to the editor based on this discussion, before they make a final decision.


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  • Registered reviewers: log in here.
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How to submit a paper?

  1. To submit a paper you must be register as an author. Reviewers are not allowed to submit papers.
  2. After registering as an author, please login to your account.
  3. Click here to visit the conferences page.
  4. Click on Dashboard link under the appropriate conference.
  5. After you visit the dashboard, click on the New Paper link.
  6. Fill the required fields and click on the submit button.
  7. Your paper will be ready for review after approval.